Boosting your $PAWN Rewards

This guide assumes that you have already participated in lending & borrowing and that you are currently staking your iTokens in the gauge for Liquidity Mining.

One of the main incentives for $PAWN is the ability to boost your rewards on contributed liquidity. Placing $PAWN in Pawnfi SAFE allows you not only to acquire voting power to participate in the DAO, but also to earn a boost of up to 2.5x on the liquidity you are contributing to Pawnfi.

Calculate your required boost

The first step to getting your rewards boosted is to figure out how much $PAWN you'll need to place in SAFE. All gauges have different requirements meaning some pools are easier to boost than others. It depends on how much others have placed and how much the liquidity gauge has.

You can find the calculator here:

Placing your $PAWN in SAFE

Once you know how much and how long you wish to place in SAFE, you can either visit the following page to:

Or you can click "UP" button to do a fast place

After placing your $PAWN in SAFE, you will need to update your boost.

Updating your boost

Head over to the mining page:

If you see your new boost after current boost: then you do not need to do anything else.

If your current boost hasn't moved, you can either claim $PAWN from each of the gauge you have staked iToken in, or click refresh to update your boost. After doing so, your boost should be showing.

Your boost will not be updated until you perform an operation on a gauge.


The boost mechanism will calculate your Earning Weight by taking the smaller amount of two values, and this is how Pawnfi calculates weekly active mining reward for each user.

Earning Weight = Min((0.4 x Contributed Liquidity) + Total Gauge Liquidity x Voting Power/Total Voting Power x 0.6), Contributed Liquidity)

Boost = Earning Weight/ (0.4 x Contributed Liquidity)

Weekly Active Mining Reward per user

Total Weekly Distribution x Gauge Weight x Earning Weight / Total Earning Weight

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