P-Token is an ERC-20 token anchored to each NFT collection, at the ratio of 1:1000.


Certificate of supplying assets in lending market. You can stake iToken in gauge pool for liquidity mining.

$PAWN Token

Governance token of Pawnfi, can be obtained internally through borrowing from lending market (passive incentives), staking iToken for liquidity mining (active incentives) and participating in liquidity events (ex. Liquidity Boosting). Of course, eventually it can also be obtained from exchanges.

Voting Power

The power to vote in Pawnfi DAO governance, can be obtained through placing $PAWN in Pawnfi SAFE.

Utilization Rate

The ratio of the on-loan quantity divided by the total inventory value of the pool.

Decay rate

The rate at which voting power decays. Decay happens on every Thursday at 00:00:00 UTC.

Gauge Pool

Gauge pool is where you can utilize your voting power to share Pawnfi rewards at a projected gauge weight in Pawnfi.

Gauge Weight

Gauge weight represents how many votes each pool get from weekly voting. Simply put, a gauge weight translates into how much of the $PAWN reward each pool receives.


Streamable are $PAWN that are no longer placed in SAFE, but still in the contract. You can initiate an exit stream and then they stream out over the next 7 days.


Pawnfi Improvement Proposal (PIP) is submitted to Pawnfi Governance forum to decide whether the protocol will make possible changes. It can be a topic that reaches enough consensus from community discussion or directly initiated by core team.


Snapshot is where our community can vote for an PIP. The result (passed or declined) will have a direct impact on whether the proposal can be further implemented in Pawnfi protocol.


TVL (Total Value Locked) stands for the overall value of crypto assets circulating in the whole Pawnfi Protocol.


LTV (Loan-To-Value) is the ratio of the loan amount you can potentially receive to the value of the asset collateralized.


Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the rate of return you can earn form each of Pawnfi financial modules.


Decentralized Finance, commonly known as DeFi, refers to the blockchain-powered technology that removes centralized intemediaries, such as banks or exchanges, from financial transactions.


Collateral is a digital asset(s) of value pledged to secure a loan in Pawnfi. Collateral reduces the risk for lenders in extreme conditions. E.g. if a borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can seize the collateral to recoup the losses.

Collateral Factor (%)

Collateral Factor is the maximum amount a user can borrow, represented in percentages, based on the total amount of assets supplied.

Reserve Factor

The reserve factor is the protocol's deposit to safeguard the overall sustainability. It derives from protocol's interests and can be used as incentives for governance and risk premium to protect all suppliers.

Pawnfi SAFE

Secure Asset For Ecosystem (SAFE) is where users can place their $PAWN to gain entitlement to voting power. While voting power is the foundation of Protocol governance, placing $PAWN in SAFE will not only improve protocol-level safety but also make Pawnfi more decentralized and community-driven.


Pawnfi offers Max Boost for you to place your $PAWN in SAFE to earn extra $PAWN on your provided liquidity.

Borrow Limit

Borrow Limit = Supplied Value * Collateral Factor

Borrow Limit Used (%)

Borrow Limit Used = Borrowed Value/ Borrow Limit

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