Pawnfi Modules

Flash Trade: NFT ↔ P-Token

Flash Trade is a trading house that allows users to exchange NFTs and their corresponding P-Token rapidly. With Flash Trade, individuals can seamlessly convert one of their NFTs into 1,000 P-Token. Additionally, users may opt to exchange 1,000 P-Token for a randomly selected NFT from the flash trade vault, subject to a service fee. Alternatively, users may choose to designate a specific NFT for exchange, in which case a nominal designation fee applies.

NFT Leverage: Obtain Loan Instantly Without Liquidation Risk

NFT Leverage is a novel financial service that enables users to obtain a corresponding P-Token utilizing their NFTs as collateral rapidly. With NFT Leverage, individuals can pledge one of their NFTs as collateral and receive a loan amounting to 1,000 P-Token (subject to deductions based on loan duration and interest rate). Subsequently, users may retrieve their NFTs by repaying the P-token loan plus accrued interest. It is worth noting that price fluctuations will not result in mid-term liquidation.

Consignment: Receive Upfront Payment when Selling NFTs

Consignment is a process whereby users can sell their NFTs and receive an upfront payment in the corresponding P-Token. For instance, a user may consign one of their NFTs on Pawnfi for sale and receive 1,000 P-BAYC as upfront income, subject to deductions for withholding custody fees based on the consignment period and interest rate. Subsequently, the user may either retrieve their NFT by repaying the upfront payment and custody fee or continue listing the NFT for sale and earn a capital gain upon its sale. The consignment process provides users with flexibility in monetizing their NFT assets while enabling them to retain ownership and benefit from future price appreciation.

Cross-Margin Lending Market: NFT x DeFi Money Market

Pawnfi's lending market is a NFT x DeFi money market that enables users to supply their tokens in exchange for borrowing desired assets. For instance, a user may supply ERC-20 tokens or NFTs on Pawnfi's lending market to borrow supported ERC-20 tokens, including P-Token. As with other DeFi lending markets, users must repay their debt before withdrawing their collaterals. Pawnfi's lending market provides a secure and efficient means of leveraging token holdings to obtain desired assets without traditional intermediaries.

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