NFT Staking

When NFT holders stake through Pawnfi, their $APE is directly deposited into the official Horizen Labs contract. A key advantage of staking with Pawnfi is the automated compounding of your returns. Periodically, Pawnfi Bot will claim rewards and reinvest into Pawnfi $APE Pool for you, significantly increasing your yield rate.

Staking APY

  • ONP_APY = Official NFT Pool APY

  • H = Total hours in a year (365x24)

  • SR = Pawnfi $APE Pool Supply Rate

Stkaing APY = (ONP_APY / H) × ((1 + SR / H)^(H) - 1) / (SR / H)

Existing Users

Upon supplying, leveraging, or consigning NFTs in Pawnfi, users maintain ownership of their assets even as they reside within a Smart Contract. This enables them to continue participating in Ape Staking through the platform at if they have already initiated staking independently. Additionally, users can begin new staking with their $APE or collaborate with our shared $APE pool to engage in $APE Staking.

Scenario 1: Currently Staking with Horizen Labs Contract

One of the advantages of supplying, leveraging, or consigning NFTs through Pawnfi is the uninterrupted continuation of your Ape staking. Moreover, we assist in automating the reinvestment process to maximize your returns.

For instance, if you have already deposited 10,000 $APE in the BAYC pool before placing your BAYC in Pawnfi, your unclaimed rewards would typically accrue without generating additional rewards (although you can manually claim and deposit them in the official $APE pool). In contrast, Pawnfi's smart contract automatically claims these unclaimed rewards on your behalf and deposits them in Pawnfi $APE pool. Furthermore, the unclaimed rewards in the official $APE pool are reinvested as staking principal, further enhancing your potential gains.

Scenario 2: Not Staking, but Possess Sufficient $APE

If you have not yet initiated NFT staking and wish to do so using your own $APE, Pawnfi serves as the ideal gateway. By supplying, leveraging, or consigning NFTs in Pawnfi, users retain ownership of their assets, even when they are held within a Smart Contract. To begin generating staking rewards, simply set your deposit amount in the NFT pool through the Pawnfi interface.

Similar to Scenario 1, Pawnfi's smart contract will automatically claim unclaimed rewards on your behalf and supply in Pawnfi $APE pool. Additionally, these unclaimed rewards in official $APE will be reinvested as staking principal, thereby increasing your potential earnings.

Scenario 3: Not Staking and Seeking to Borrow $APE

If you haven't started NFT staking yet and lack sufficient $APE, Pawnfi is the perfect solution. You can conveniently borrow from the Pawnfi $APE Pool to begin your staking journey. Similar to Scenario 1, Pawnfi's smart contract will automatically claim any unclaimed rewards for you and repay the loan, reducing the chances of your account being terminated from staking and helping you achieve a higher return rate. Once the loans are repaid, any available $APE will be automatically staked back into the Pawnfi $APE Pool upon claiming rewards and withdrawing, generating further reinvestment rewards.


Even if you're not currently using Pawnfi, you can still engage in $APE staking through our platform to enjoy the highest possible yield. In a manner similar to the three scenarios mentioned above, initiating a new staking will result in your NFT being supplied to the Pawnfi Lending Market. This allows you to earn additional P-Tokens (P-BAYC, P-MAYC, or P-BAKC, based on the NFTs used for $APE staking). By choosing this approach, you ensure the highest level of capital efficiency and maximum returns.

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